Overview of the Slot Game Clover Fortunes

You would think, upon hearing the name “Clover Fortunes,” that “great, more Irish themed gaming, just what we need.” Despite its Celtic overtones, Clover Fortunes offers a fresh perspective on the legend beyond the stereotypical pint glasses, top hats, and leprechauns. With the support of industry experts Relax Gaming, Four Leaf Gaming has released their first game, Clover Fortunes, and it’s dripping with betting options. Andy Hollis and John Quinn, formerly of Microgaming, launched Four Leaf Gaming in 2021 after working together on product and content strategy. They have been “putting players at the heart of the design and development process” for almost twenty years now. See whether they were able to express that intention in their first airing.

The first response was good because, despite the film’s heavy Irish inspiration, the production team successfully sidestepped many of the genre’s tired tropes. In Clover Fortunes, four faeries, in a Sisters of Oz–like manner, take the place of leprechauns on the reels. A well-drawn background representing a deep Emerald Island forest, all rainbow lighted and bursting with the twinkling of fireflies, adds even more enchantment to the scene.

The actual playing area is a 5×3 grid with 20 permanently installed paylines. Clover Fortune’s single 95% number is in accordance with what other studios are doing and is not particularly out of the ordinary, although a higher RTP would have increased its attractiveness. You may play this high-variance slot machine on any device with a bet range of 10 pence per spin to fifty pounds or euros.

The main rule of Clover Fortunes is to land matching symbols from the leftmost side to produce winnings, but there are many of features and different betting possibilities available. The lowest paying symbols are the J through A royals that are entwined in clover and pay 5x the wager for 5 of a kind, while the highest paying symbols are a group of 4 fairies who pay 20x to 100x the wager for 5 of a kind. If you get five of the rainbow-colored Claddagh symbols anywhere on an active payline, you’ll win 200 times your wager.

Features of the Slot Game Clover Fortunes

Clover Fortunes caters to fans of feature-packed slots with several betting options. There are initially upgradable stakes, bonus games, and in-app purchases available.

Best of Luck!

When activated, the Lucky Spin feature raises the stake by 50% and enhances the frequency with which Fortune Coins, Clovers, and free spin symbols appear on the reels. Keep in mind that this doesn’t make winning combinations more valuable.

Gamble and Win

One of the game’s defining characteristics is this. Fortune Coins appear randomly overlaid on ordinary symbols and are collected via the Fortune Wheel located to the side of the reels. The Fortune Wheel activates when 500 coins are accumulated, or at random. The wheel can award a cash jackpot of 20x to 5x the player’s wager, or anywhere from 8 free games to 14 free games.

Collection of Shamrocks

A reward ladder made consisting of doors showing bet multiplier awards, dubbed Clover Wins, is displayed to the left of the game grid. If you get three or more clover symbols, you win one of three progressive jackpots. Players advance up the Cover Wins reward ladder based on the amount of clover symbols they collect. For the grand reward, you need, say, ten four-leaf clovers. The levels are as follows:

A bronze door prize can range in value from 1x to 4000x.

The value of the Silver Door Prizes ranges from 2x to 6,000x the entry fee.

Win anywhere from 4 times your wager to $10,000 in gold door prizes!

Respin, Clover

The default game features a random respin level distribution between 3 and 7. If the necessary number of clovers appear, those that are visible will remain in place while the other symbols are reshuffled.

Lucky Spins on the Clover

Three, four, or five free spin symbols anywhere in view trigger 10, 12, or 14 free games, respectively. If you get two free spins symbols, the reels will stop and give you a re-spin. Players have the option to bet for more free spins before the feature begins. The number of risk-free spins may be changed with a slider. Then, according on the number of free spins bet, a red and green wheel spins. If you land on green, you’ll get to keep the extra spins you bet for, but if you land on red, you’ll lose them.

Clover Wins begin at the Bronze level during the bonus round, and a Clover Respin level is active on every spin. The appearance of Clover symbols can result in an increase of up to +5 more free spins, or an increase of one of the Clover Win levels. At the end of the bonus round, players can choose to risk their earnings on a gamble for another round of free spins. If you win, the free spins round will restart, and if you lose, you’ll return to the main game with nothing.

Purchase Option

Those responsible for making payments can choose between two alternatives. Ten free spins may be purchased for 80 times the initial wager, or one spin of the Fortune Wheel can be purchased. The standard cost of a spin on the Fortune Wheel is 60x the bet, however any accumulated coins can be utilized to lower this.

Slot Review: Clover Fortunes

Clover Fortunes has a lucky vibe, and not only because it was founded by a couple of industry veterans from a well-known studio. In the same vein as other Lucksome titles, Clover Fortunes puts the player in charge, equips them with an abundance of data, and provides them with several more betting options. There are so many ways to try your luck in this game, from purchasing features to placing ante bets, gambling on free spins, and replaying free spins. The good news is that gamers aren’t punished if they’d rather just let their luck naturally develop while sampling the forest’s rainbow-hued pleasures.

There is more than one way to win, and the winnings might be substantial if you do. When your luck is on the rise, you may take advantage of the situation in a number of ways, including the ever-present Clover Collection and the Fortune Wheel. Clover Fortune has free spins and a maximum prize of 10,008x the wager, while a maximum of 24,030x was generated through simulations. Solid returns are on the cards, regardless of how players approach the game, however it is unclear how much supplementary betting was necessary to get these types of statistics.

In conclusion, Four Leaf Gaming’s first effort, Clover Fortunes, succeeds admirably. Although a bigger return to player percentage (RTP) would have been nice, the game is otherwise well designed and has many interesting concepts. Like Print Studios, who began with a game that combined fresh and old aspects, Clover Fortunes has plenty going on to keep players interested in what’s to come from Four Leaf Gaming.

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